The Recommended ERUF Ranges are for BUSY Production Machines

This may occasionally upset your designs for a specific function.

For instance, an ERUF "entry logic" value in the range 1 to 5 is recommended. You may have just designed a complex online inquiry that opens 17 files and does 350 databases accesses to present a summary panel. You calculate an ERUF value of 43 for your program, which is far into the "very complex" transaction range.

The very high ERUF value you have calculated does not mean that your function cannot work and should not be used, but it is a clear warning to you that on a busy production machine you must not expect it to deliver a very fast response time, and also that it is a very heavy system resource user.

You may even feel that the ERUF is misleading, because the tests you have done in the evening on your B60 indicate a response time of 6 seconds. However, the ERUF is clearly warning you that such a result is not typical, and a more likely outcome on a busy machine is a much longer response time (probably 20 - 40 seconds).