11. IBM i SAA/CUA Implementation

11.1 SAA/CUA Partitions

11.2 SAA/CUA Panel Elements

11.3 SAA/CUA Panel Element Attributes

11.4 SAA/CUA Function Key Assignments   

11.5 SAA/CUA Process Menus

11.6 SAA/CUA Help Text

11.7 SAA/CUA User Defined Panels

11.8 SAA/CUA Function Key Use


LANSA supports the concepts of SAA (Systems Application Architecture) and the panel design and user interaction concepts prescribed by the CUA (Common User Access) guidelines.

This section is about how the SAA/CUA guidelines and standards are implemented within LANSA, it is not about what the actual SAA/CUA guidelines and standards are. For this information refer to the appropriate IBM supplied manuals, such as Systems Application Architecture: Common User Access Basic Interface Design Guide (SC26-4583).

Before attempting to implement (or not to implement) applications in LANSA that use the prescribed SAA/CUA guidelines consider the following points: