14.2.6 The DC@A08 Data Area and the SAVE_LIST Built-In Function

The SAVE_LIST (Save Working List) Built-In Function may automatically allocate a name for the list to be saved.

Under IBM i the name is allocated from the content of a data area named DC@A08. Under Visual LANSA the name is also allocated from a data area named DC@A08.

Note: The data area locking/unlocking logic actually uses the LOCK_OBJECT and UNLOCK_OBJECT Built-In Functions. A "Data area not found" error may leave the data area locked in the locking table. To remove this lock use a small function that uses the UNLOCK_OBJECT Built-In Function, or use a DBMS direct access tool to remove the lock row from table LX_FOL.

Thus a data area named DC@A08 of type "N" (numeric) must be enrolled in the LX_DTA Data Area table before attempting to use the SAVE_LIST Built-In Function.