17.3 Using ODBC in a Client/Server Model

The previous client/server model under Windows  can be taken outside the Windows realm by having the correct ODBC drivers available for your chosen DBMS.  For example:

As you can see, it goes from one part of the DBMS to another part of the DBMS.

The Visual LANSA application has nothing at all to do with this communication between parts of the DBMS.

Sometimes people ask what communication protocols do Visual LANSA applications support? This question often arises in situations where database vendors (such as Oracle, Sybase, etc.) are involved.

From the diagram, it can be seen that Visual LANSA applications are generated to be "generic" database users.

Visual LANSA applications are designed to use other vendor's DBMS products like Sybase, Microsoft, Oracle, etc.

Visual LANSA is not, and does not contain, a DBMS system.

So the question of what communication protocols Visual LANSA can use in client/server environments should be directed to your DBMS vendor.