17.4 Using LANSA SuperServer

Finally there is the LANSA SuperServer client/server model that the LANSA supports.

Since LANSA for i can create OAMs (IO Modules) functionally identical to those it creates under Visual LANSA, this special or "enhanced" client/server model can be supported.

Note: LANSA SuperServer can also be used to access databases on a Windows platform. The benefits described here for IBM i also apply to those platforms.

Some of the more important facilities that this model provides are:

The LANSA SuperServer client/server model is supported by these Visual LANSA Built-In Functions:


Define an IBM i server machine.


Define other server.


Connect to a server.


Disconnect from a server.


Connect a file to a server.


Disconnect a file from a server.


Call a function on a server.


For full technical details refer to Built-In Functions in the LANSA Technical Reference Guide.