18.6 The X_ICOBMP.DAT Defaulting File

The X_ICOBMP.DAT icon and bitmap defaulting file may optionally reside in the partition SOURCE directory (i.e. <drive>:\X_LANSA\X_ppp\SOURCE
where "ppp" is the partition identifier.

It is a standard text file and may be edited with most common source editors such as Notepad.

Each individual line should start with one of these "keywords" to indicate what the line contains:


Identifies an icon file (without the .ico suffix)


Identifies a bitmap file (without the .bmp suffix)


Identifies an associated object name


Identifies an associated search string


Identifies a pull down option code (pd$opt value)


All keywords, file and object names are automatically converted to uppercase before being used. Note that strings (STR=) are not converted to uppercase and are always compared in the case specified.

If the specified icon or bitmap file cannot be found in the SOURCE directory of the current partition then a warning is issued and the line (and all associated NAM= and STR= options) are ignored.

The use of this file is best indicated by example:






        *  <-------- This line does not start with a keyword

        ico=printer                    so it will be ignored.







First an icon called CUST is identified.

Any process or function named LXRSF01 or LXRSF02 is to be automatically associated with it.

This association could also be achieved by copying the CUST icon to create icons called LXRSF01.ICO and LXRSF02.ICO. However, using this file means that many processes and functions can be associated with a single icon.

Additionally, any object that has textual identification containing "Customer" or "customer" is to be automatically associated with this icon.

Next, another icon called PRINTER is identified.

Any object that has textual identification containing "Print", "print", "Report" or "report" should be automatically associated with it.

Any pull down menu entry that has a PD$OPT value of REP or PRT should appear in the tool bar area and use the PRINTER icon to identify it.

Some final points: