20.1 Who Should Write Application Templates?

Writing and maintaining application templates should only be attempted by very experienced programmers who have extensive knowledge of both Application Template Commands and RDML Commands.

A suggested way to familiarize yourself with application templates is to print one or more of the LANSA supplied application templates and work your way through them. Sample application template programs are also provided at the end of this section.

The execution of certain Application Template Commands may result in error/warning messages being displayed. Refer to the Technical Reference Guide for more details.

If you cannot understand what/how these application template commands work, then DO NOT ATTEMPT to create or modify any application templates.

Before any Application Template is made available for public use, it should be EXTENSIVELY TESTED for all possible situations. This means generating a number of RDML programs and making sure they compile and then execute with the desired results. The importance of this step cannot be over emphasized.

Expect an application template, including detailed HELP panels, to take you at least one full day to write and test.

In Summary

Application Template programming: