16.1.3 Intrinsic Functions

LANSA provides Intrinsic functions for use in RDMLX code.

The following functions are particularly useful when developing with 16.1.1 Unicode Field Types:

Intrinsic Function



Use this function to convert Nchar or Nvarchar data to the current code page when Unicode Field Types are not supported. For example, when invoking a BIF that doesn't support Unicode. Characters not supported in the current code page are changed to ?.


Use this function to populate an Nchar or Nvarchar from the numeric value (code point) of the character. It converts a decimal whole number to an individual Unicode character – these can be concatenated to construct a Unicode string that may not be possible to represent in the current code page.


Use this function to deconstruct an Nchar into its individual characters as numeric values. This function is the opposite of AsUnicodeString. It takes an Nchar character and returns the numeric value (code point) of the character.


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