Install the Wizard

There are three parts to the Visual Studio User Defined BIF Wizard, delivered in three directories in the LANSA Tools directory. They are:

1.  LANSAUBIFWizard - the main Wizard code.

2.  LANSAUBIFProject - declaration of the Wizard so that it appears in the Visual Studio New Project dialog.

3.  LANSAUBIFSharedFiles - property sheets to declare common properties between User Defined BIF projects and other files to declare common version information.

There are various options for how you install a Visual Studio Wizard, however, it is recommended that you deploy it in the same location as the other VisualC++ templates. This requires administrative access. There are two folders:

The Wizard is now available to create a Visual Studio project, but there are some ancillary steps to follow as described in Create a Visual Studio Project based on the Wizard.