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2.1 Pre-Requisites

Visual LANSA Requirements

The Logical Modeler is integrated into the Visual LANSA development environment. It is executed at the partition level and can be used with single language or multilingual partitions.

It is recommended that the partition in which you execute the modeler contains the STD_ system fields. These are used by the modeler 4. Data Types when building the model. If the partition does not contain the fields which are referred to by the Data Types, errors will be generated when you attempt to build the database.

In order to use the Logical Modeler you will also need the following software:

Microsoft Visio

The Logical Modeler utilizes the Microsoft Visio software for its diagramming capabilities. Before you can use the Logical Modeler, Visio 2003 or a later version of Visio should be installed.

Microsoft's XML Parser Software for XML Compatibility

The Logical Modeler uses XML to store models and requires Microsoft's XML Parser software. The XML Parser software is installed with Visual LANSA and can be downloaded from the Microsoft Web site.

Internet Explorer

A currently supported version of Internet Explorer is required to use the Logical Modeler. Refer to the Supported Platforms and Versions document for the currently supported version of this software.