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2.2 Models and LANSA Partitions

Logical Models are stored as XML documents in the LANSA root install directory (by default). These XML documents are not partition specific. Logical models are not stored in the LANSA internal database. Models can be shared across partitions and can even be shared across LANSA systems.

After starting Visual LANSA and logging into a LANSA partition, you could open any logical model saved on your system or on a network.

If you have started to build a logical model into a physical database, the build information initially displayed in the model is specific to the partition in which the model was last built.

It is possible to build the same logical model into many different partitions by simply opening the logical model and rebuilding it in the active partition.

Before using the Logical Modeler in a partition, be sure to review the Visual LANSA partition requirements listed in the 2.1 Pre-Requisites.