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2.4.4 The Document Stencil

The document stencil can be used to create new model objects. In addition, it acts as a legend for the model diagram. The types of objects shown in the diagram can be referenced to the types shown here. It appears something like this:

New objects can be created by dragging and dropping shapes from the stencil onto the model diagram. The objects available are:

For details of these object types, refer to 5.1 Entity Types, 8. Abstractions, and 7.7.1 Create a Relationship.

The document stencil can be anchored in the main window or it can be a floating window. When displayed as a floating window, it can be resized and positioned anywhere on the desktop.

Note that all objects available in the document stencil can also be created by right-clicking on a blank portion of the model diagram and selecting the appropriate option.