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5.5.4 Change a Data, Conceptual or Variant Entity

To change an entity's details, select its shape on the diagram and:

Note that External entities cannot be changed.

An appropriate dialog will be displayed according to the type entity you are changing. For example, the following dialog would be displayed for a data entity:

The entity name may be changed if required. It can be up to 20 characters in length, of mixed case, and should be a unique name within the model.

If a physical file name has not yet been specified, it may be specified here. It will become the name of the file in the repository when the entity is built. It can be up to 8 or 10 characters in length, depending on the *RPGIV setting of your Visual LANSA installation, should follow normal file naming standards and must be unique within the model.

Note that if a physical file name of more than the maximum number of characters allowed is specified, relationship and user view logical view names must be specified manually.  For more information about specifying physical file names, refer to 5.5.2 About Entity Physical and Logical File Names.

If a physical file name has been specified and the entity has been previously built it cannot be changed. This ensures integrity between entities when building the data model.

Press the OK button or Enter key to change the entity. The entity shape will be updated with the new entity name if it was changed.

Press the Cancel button or Escape key if you do not wish to change the entity.