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10.5 The Builder Queue

The Builder Queue provides a working list to control the sequencing and execution of the build jobs. It is similar to an iSeries job queue in its functionality: jobs can be deleted, held and released.

To access the Builder Queue, click the button on the main toolbar. The Builder Queue window is displayed:

The top portion of the window shows a sequenced list of jobs that have been queued by either the Build Entity or the Build Model functions. Jobs can have a status of Ready, Ended, Held or Failed. They are initially submitted to the queue in a Ready status.

When an entry is selected in the job list, any error messages that have been generated by that job are shown in the bottom portion of the window.

The Builder Queue window can be resized to increase the number of build jobs and error messages displayed. The split between the top and bottom panes of the builder queue window can also be adjusted.