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10.6 Build Tips and Techniques

Following are some tips and techniques when building your logical model:

Task Tracking and Builds

When you logon to Visual LANSA, you specify a task tracking ID. You must be sure that you are using the same task ID when you use the model build functionality otherwise the builds may fail. For example, if you create objects using one task ID and try to rebuild using a different ID, an error will result as you may not be authorized to replace the existing objects.Site Standards

Before you begin to enter any of the field names, physical file names, logical view names or details for fields, entities, relationships, etc. you should define a set of site or corporate naming standards to be used for your model and the physical database. For example, define the standards to be used for relationship suffixes and prefixes.

Adding Help Text in LANSA

Help text is regenerated whenever the model is rebuilt. If you plan to regenerate your prototype and need to add or change help text, always make changes in Logical Modeler rather than in LANSA, to ensure that the new build includes the changes.

Adding Virtual Fields in LANSA

Virtual fields can be defined in files after the database has been built. It is recommended that you do not add virtual fields until you have completed finished with your logical model. Refer to 10.4 Rebuilding Your Model.

Building with Abstraction

Remember that active abstraction will impact the builder queue. Only objects within the active abstraction are processed.

Deleting Objects

When a built entity is deleted, the related fields, files and so on, are not deleted from the LANSA Repository. You must manually delete these objects.