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1.2.2 Understanding C-Thinkers

C-Think refers to Conceptual thinking. C-Thinkers do not focus on the complex uses for physical files, logical files, indexes, join files, spanned logical files, multi-member files, select/omit criteria, dynamic selection options, open query files, etc. C-Thinkers attempt to produce a model that truly represents the information that is used by the business not the computer.  It is to be a "model" of what happens in the "real" or "fuzzy" world, not a platform dependent database implementation.

The C-Thinker regards the modeler as a note pad, or drawing board. The model aids in the recording, analyzing and validating their ever changing ideas. Sometimes purist C-Thinkers produce optimal results.  This most likely occurs in an organization with a very high "performance budget", that values accuracy, quality, design portability and the ability to evolve with rapid business changes above all else.When a purist C-Thinker converts their model to an implementable database it will usually be: