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1.2.3 Understanding I-Thinkers

I-Think refers to Implementation thinking. I-Thinkers focus on how to make their previous database design adapt to a business requirements change by using 4 join files with 3 concatenated and 5 sub-stringed partial join keys. I-Thinkers often create complex database structures that are difficult to maintain. I-Thinkers generally design physical databases.  They work from their own experiences, sometimes extended by the grandfather-father-son learning technique.

The I-Thinker treats the modeling with caution, because it is really just a tool for entering their data descriptions to build a file. (This is a design approach actively encouraged by some modeling tools.) Sometimes purist I-Thinkers produce optimal results.  This most likely occurs in an organization with a very low "performance budget", that values low computer resource usage above all else.

Most purist I-Thinkers implement a database that: