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1.2.8 New World C-Thinkers

To become a New World C-Thinker, you must:

The New World C-Thinker uses a modeling tool to build a purely conceptual model which reflects the business.  When it comes time to implement the model, the New World C-Thinker uses I-Think techniques to make the implementation a success.

Many people are, by background, I-Thinkers.  It takes some practice to understand and become a C-Thinker. When the C-Think part of your brain starts to argue with the I-Think part, you are starting to make the best use of a data modeling tool.

By working with two modes, starting with a C-Think mode and then later with an I-Think mode, you should be able to produce an optimal result for your organization at all times. When I-Thinker mode forces you to make an implementation change, at least you will be doing it from an informed point of view.

Over time, as your skills improve and computer hardware becomes cheaper and faster, you should expect and allow for the C-Think part of your brain to evolve and grow until it represents the only thought method you use. Pure I-Thinkers and pure C-Thinkers don't really exist, but there is some of them in all of us.

The examples and scenarios presented here have been simple, and serve to illustrate several points:

More and more, you should be acting in a C-Thinker role. I-Think should evolve to a dual I-Thinker/C-Thinker, and should finally evolve to become a New World C-Thinker.