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Step 3. Work with Elements in Entities

In this step, you will change the Customer Name element to user a data type. You will also learn how to change the sequence of the elements in an entity. The sequence of elements is important as it determines the sequence of the fields in the file when an entity is built. Finally, you will remove an element from the entity.

1.  Double-click the Customer Name element and change it to use the Name data type.

     Click the OK button.

     Its entry will be updated in the elements list to show its new definition.

2.  Select the Country element.

     Click the Move Up button on the toolbar. The element moves above Post Code in the list.

     Click the Move Down button to move it below Post Code again.

     Note that the sequence in which the elements appear here will be the sequence of the fields in the file when the entity is built. Try re-sequencing other elements.

3.  In your model, you may decide that Address Line 4 is no longer needed. To remove it, select Address Line 4 and click the Delete toolbar button.

     You will be asked whether you wish to perform the deletion.

     Click the Yes button. The element will be removed from the list.

Note that the element is not actually deleted at this stage. It is merely detached from the element. Should it be required at a later stage, it can be accessed from the Unattached Elements window.