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Step 3. Create a Product Entity

In this step, you will create another data entity, Product. Some notes will be assigned to the Product Number element and the Product entity will be related to the Order Product entity.

1.  Create a Data Entity called Product.

     Set its physical file name to iiiPRD, where iii are your initials.

2.  Create the following elements for the Product entity:

Element Name

Data Type

Field Name

Product number

ID Number (long)


Product name



Quantity on hand



Quantity committed





3.  Make Product Number the Identifying Element of Product.

4.  Select the Product Number element and click the Notes toolbar button.

     The Maintain Element Notes dialog will be displayed:

5.  Enter some notes for the element: The Product Number uniquely identifies a product within the system. Note that the text entered here is completely free-format.

     Click the OK button.

5.  Note that a notepad image is displayed to the right of the Product Number. This denotes that the element has notes associated with it.

6.  Close the elements window.