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Step 1. Create a Manufactured Product Entity

In this step, you will create a Variant entity called Manufactured Product. A Variant entity is used to group elements which are part of the Product entity but specific to products which are manufactured. The Manufactured Product entity will be related to the Product entity in Step 2 of the tutorial.

1.  Ensure the model you created in the previous tutorial open.

2.  Drag the Variant Entity shape from the Document Stencil onto the model diagram.

     The Create Variant Entity dialog will be displayed.

3.  Give the entity a name of Manufactured Product.

     Set its physical file name to iiiPRM, where iii are your initials.

4.  Create an element for the entity called Drawing number.

     Select the Number data type.

     Set its field name to iiiDRWNUM, where iii are your initials.

     Note that an identifying element for the entity cannot be set – Variant entities can only inherit their identifying elements from another entity via a Variation relationship.

5.  Close the elements window.