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Step 4. Deactivate the Abstraction

In this step, you will learn how to deactivate an active Abstraction. You will also add an Include relationship between Supplier and Address.

1.  Deactivate the Abstraction by selecting it and then selecting the Abstraction menu and choosing the Deactivate option, or by right-clicking the Abstraction and choosing the Deactivate option.

     The diagram will be updated to show all model objects.  Note that the Product entity, which you moved in a previous step, moves back to its original position on the diagram.  If you re-activate the abstraction, the Product entity will again move, to the position you specified when the abstraction was previously active.

     Note also that the title bar of the modeler has been updated to indicate that the entire model is being shown.

     You may need to reposition the newly added Supplier entity.

2.  Create an Include relationship between Address and Supplier by connecting a relate shape source to the Supplier entity and then target to the Address entity.

     The address elements are now included in Supplier.

3.  Activate the Product abstraction again.

     Notice that the Address entity is not shown in the abstraction even tough there is a relationship to this entity.

4.  Deactivate the Product abstraction.