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Step 5. Drill down in Abstractions

In this step, you will learn how you can use abstractions to drill down through a model and hide the complexity of a model.

1.  Drag the Abstraction shape from the Document Stencil onto the model diagram.

     The Create Abstraction dialog will be displayed:

     Give the Abstraction a name of My Model.

     Click the OK button.

2.  Activate the My Model Abstraction.

     All entities in the diagram will disappear as no entities have been added to the abstraction. You have effectively hidden the complete model.

     To drill down to show specific parts of the model, you can use your existing Abstraction.

3.  Deactivate the My Model Abstraction.

     The complete diagram is shown as no Abstractions are active.

4.  Add Product Entities Abstraction to the My Model Abstraction.

5.  Activate the My Model Abstraction.

     The Product Entities Abstraction will be displayed.

6.  Activate the Product Entities Abstraction.

     The Product, Manufactured Product and Supplied Product Entities will now be displayed.

7.  Deactivate the Product Entities Abstraction.

8.  Deactivate the My Model Abstraction.

9.  Save the model.