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Step 3. Correct Build Errors and Rebuild the Model

In this step, you will correct the errors generated by the build and perform another build.

1.  Display the Customer entity's Change window by selecting Customer and then selecting the Edit menu and choosing the Change… option, or by selecting Customer and clicking the Change button on the main toolbar.

2.  Enter a physical file name of iiiCUS for the entity, where iii are your initials.

3.  Click the OK button.

4.  Submit the model build by clicking the Build Model Build Model button on the main toolbar.

5.  Select the Entities requiring build option and click the OK button.

6.  Click Yes to display the Builder Queue.

7.  Purge the Builder Queue of all non-Ready entries.  Note that the only entries left are related to the Customer and Order entities.

8.  Click the Build toolbar button to perform the build.  Click the OK button on the Build Options dialog.  All builds should be set to a status of Built once the build has finished.

9.  Close the Builder Queue.

10.Use the Build Status view to review your model build status.

11.Save your model.

12.Exit the Logical Modeler.