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Step 4. Review What Has Been Built in the Repository

In this step, you will review the repository objects that were built earlier in the tutorial.

1.  Go to the Repository browser of the main window.

     Find all files whose name start with your iii initials. Remember, the file name is based on the physical file names you entered for each entity.

     There should be 7 files displayed: Customer, Ordered Product, Order, Product, Manufactured Product, Supplied Product and Supplier.

2.  Select the Customer file and review the list of fields shown in the right-hand list.

     Note the following about the list of fields:

3.  Review the Access Routes for the Customer file.

     Note the following:

4.  Display the Rules and Triggers window for the Customer file.

5.  Review the rules for the Customer Number field.

     Note the following:

6.  Review the rules for one of the Post Code fields.

     Note that, because the Post Code field was defined by using a data type, the validation rules defined against that data type's field (STD_ZIP) have been inherited by Post Code. In this instance, the validation rule states that a value must be not be blank.

7.  Find the iiiCUSNUM field in the Repository browser, where iii are your initials.

     Review its help text.

     Note that the notes you entered for the Customer Number element have become help text for the resultant field.

8.  Select the Order file, iiiORDER.

     Note that a Customer Number field has been created and assigned to the Order file as a result of the Join relationship with the Customer entity you created.

9.  Review the Access Routes for the Order file.

     Note that Access Routes have been created as a result of the Join with Customer and as a result of the Parent/Child relationship with Ordered Product.

10. Review the logical views for the Order file.

     Note the following:

11. Select the Ordered Product file, iiiOPR.

     Note that a logical view called iiiOPR01 has been created automatically by the modeler, and that it has Product Number as its sole key field.  Remember, you did not specify this logical view name, but because Ordered Product's physical file name was only 6 characters in length, the modeler was able to use it, along with a sequential number, to create one for you.

12.Review other objects that have been created.

     Pay close attention to: