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What are the Logical Modeler Tutorials?

The Logical Modeler Tutorials are a set of exercises designed to introduce and reinforce the fundamental logical data modeling skills required to implement a database in LANSA. The tutorials are integrated into the online documentation.

The following tutorials are included:

LGM001 - View a Model

LGM002 - Create an Entity

LGM003 – The Join Relationship

LGM004 – Conceptual Entities and the Includes Relationship

LGM005 – The Parent/Child Relationship

LGM006 – The Variant Entity and the Variation Relationship

LGM007 – User Views

LGM008 – Abstractions

LGM009 – Build the Model

Who Should Use the Tutorials?

Tutorials can be used by novice or experienced LANSA developers who wish to learn how to logically model databases. No LANSA Repository or LANSA RDML skills are required to use the Logical Modeler. You should be familiar with basic modeling concepts such as entities, elements and relationships. Familiarity with the LANSA development environment is an asset.

How Do I Use the Tutorials?

It is recommended that you complete the Tutorials in sequence.

To allow for more than one developer to use the tutorials, all LANSA object names will be prefixed with iii. You may use any three characters, such as the initials of your name, for the iii characters. For example, if you name is John David Smith you can use the characters JDS. Always remember to replace iii with your unique 3 characters.

How Many Developers Can Use the Training?

There is no limit on the number of developers who may use the training at the same time. However, it is important that each developer has a unique identifier for their work.

Your Feedback

Your feedback regarding these tutorials will help us improve the overall quality of the LANSA documentation and training. Please email your comments to