4.2 Set up Users on Windows Data/Application Server

A Windows User is needed to:

A Windows User is created for this purpose during the LANSA install process and it is added to the Windows LANSA Users group. This user is referred to as PCXUSER in this documentation.

Note: If a workstation belongs to a Windows domain and a Windows User exists on both the Domain and the Local (on the workstation), the Local User logon takes precedence. This is especially important as the User created during the install may conflict with the Domain User.

If you wish to create a different user for Web access, then you can do so in these steps:

Step 1. Create User for Default Web Access

If you use the Windows User that was created during the LANSA Installation you do not need to perform this step.

Note: The following steps describe the Windows XP procedures. These may not be exactly the same in all versions of Windows.

1.  From the Start menu, select Settings, then open the Control Panel folder.

2.  From the Control Panel, select the Administrative Tools, then select Computer Management.

3.  Select Local Users and Groups.

4.  Right click on the Users folder and select New User... from the pop-up menu.

Enter these details in the New User dialog box:

User Name:
Full Name:

(This must be a valid LANSA User. To be valid, it must be assigned to a LANSA task.)


Web User Account for LANSA


e.g. password
(Remember: passwords are case sensitive!)

Check (select) these options:  

Password never expires and
User cannot change password.


Press Create to create the new User and then Close to return to Computer Management.

Step 2. Add User to LANSA Users group

For each user you wish to use to connect to the Data/Application Server using the Web Administrator, you need to add that user to a LANSA Users group. Every user in the group will have the permissions granted to the group.

To add a User to the LANSA Users group:

1.  While still in Computer Management, select Local Users and Groups and then Groups.

2.  Right click on LANSA Users and select Properties from the pop-up menu to open the LANSA Users Properties dialog.

3.  In the LANSA Users Properties dialog, press the Add button to open the Select Users, Computers, or Groups dialog.

4.  Choose the location of the new WEBUSER, then enters the name WEBUSER in the Enter the object names to select entry box.

5.  Press OK and your new user will be added to the LANSA Users Group dialog box.

6.  Press OK and then exit Windows User Management.

Step 3. Register New User with Windows Server

From your Windows PC running the Administrator, connect to your Windows host and register your user.

1.  Choose the Security menu and select the User Registration command.

     The User Registration window is displayed.

     To register a new user, you can press the Add button or you can right click on the Web User ID column and select Add from the pop-up menu displayed.