Maintain Web Sites (LANSA Web Server Extension)

When setting up LANSA Systems and Web Sites for the LANSA Web Server Extension, first setup the LANSA Systems and then setup web sites where one or more LANSA Systems are associated with the web site they will handle web requests for.

This command allows you to define multiple systems and ports for your LANSA Web Server Extension.

When you select the Maintain Web Sites command from the Tools menu, the Maintain Web Sites (local) dialog box is displayed.

The Maintain Websites (local) dialog box displays a list of web sites already configured for LANSA Web. LANSA Web uses the Web Server Name and Port identifier on the URL to determine which LANSA systems (connection to Data/Application Server) should be used to handle the request.

Add... or Change...

When you select the Add or Change button, the relevant Add or Change LANSA System dialog box is opened. This dialog contains these Tabs:

Web Server (LANSA Web Server Extension only)

Data/Application Server (LANSA Web Server Extension only)

Automatic Configuration (LANSA Web Server Extension)

Advanced (LANSA Web Server Extension only)

Hold System (LANSA Web Server Extension)

Legacy (LANSA Web Server Extension)