3.3 IBM i Clean Up

The LANSA Web clean up program resets the Transaction Monitor and cleans up any resources used by LANSA Web. It also terminates any LANSA Web jobs that are still active.

It is recommended that you run the clean up program after you have closed your Web Server or before restarting your Web Server. Ideally, it should be added to your end-of-day job schedules for your machine (or the start-of-day job schedules).

You can invoke the clean up program from the LANSA Web Administrator
you can invoke it from a command line.

If you are using an IBM i, the clean up program is called W3@P2200. It can be invoked to clean up individual LANSA systems. This is achieved by passing the LANSA systems to clean up as parameters to the program. For example, the call below instructs the program to only clean up the DCXPGMLIB system.


If you have more than one system, you can pass more than one system in the PARM parameter.

If you have multiple Web-enabled LANSA systems on your IBM i, it is strongly recommended that each of these systems has its own separate LANSA Web working library. When the clean up program is invoked, it clears the working library for the system. If more than one LANSA system shares the same working library, you may cause unpredictable results in the other systems that share the working library.

Multi-tier Model

If you are deploying your application using the Multi-tier model, the clean up program should be invoked at the Data/Application Server.

If you are using an IBM i Web Server, LANSA Web provides you with a separate clean up program, W3@P2800. This program terminates the LANSA Web routing jobs on both the Web Server and the Data/Application Server.