2.4 Pre-Start Ready to use IBM i Web Jobs

LANSA Web starts a job on the Data/Application Server for each LANSA request. The time taken to start a job on the Data/Application Server can be a significant factor in the performance of your applications, especially if your applications contain a high number of direct function calls.

To counter this delay, you can pre-start a defined number of LANSA Web jobs. These pre-started jobs form a pool of Web jobs that are then ready to use any subsequent LANSA requests. Since these jobs are already started when the LANSA request is processed, this feature greatly increases the performance of your applications.

When your LANSA application terminates or if the Transaction Monitor terminates the application because it has timed out, LANSA Web reassigns the job to the pool of pre-started Web jobs that are available to handle subsequent LANSA requests.

The LANSA Web Administrator allows you to configure the minimum and maximum number of jobs that are available in this pre-started pool of Web jobs. You should configure these numbers based on the traffic of your Web site and the capacity of your Data/Application Server.

The Transaction Monitor ensures that the pool of pre-started Web jobs contains the defined minimum number of jobs. However, if the number of Web jobs in the pool exceeds the defined maximum number of jobs, the Transaction Monitor will terminate any excess Web jobs, thus freeing the resources allocated to these jobs.

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