2.4.1 Pre-start the IBM i Transaction Monitor

The Transaction Monitor is started when the first LANSA request is processed. The Transaction Monitor is responsible for maintaining the pool of pre-started Web jobs. This could mean that the first LANSA request will have a performance impact since there are no pre-started jobs available to handle this initial request.

To overcome this problem, simply pre-start the Transaction Monitor as part of your Start of Day procedures. This ensures that there will be jobs in the pool of pre-started Web jobs to handle the LANSA requests.

The Transaction Monitor program is W3@P2000. It requires four parameters, the LANSA program library and its data library, the Domain Name for your LANSA system and its port identifier.

On your IBM i Data/Application Server, you can start the Transaction Monitor by issuing:

       '99999')) JOB(LWEB_MON) JOBQ(QINTER)

This example assumes that your LANSA program library is DCXPGMLIB and the data library is DCXDTALIB and your system is not configured for multi-homing support.

If you have enabled your LANSA system for multi-homing support, you need to specify the Domain Name for your system in place of the *DEFAULT keyword. If you want to start the Transaction Monitor for a particular port, use the port identifier in place of the 99999 parameter.

The name assigned by LANSA Web for the Transaction Monitor job is LWEB_MON.

Once the Transaction Monitor is started, it will then start the defined number of Web jobs for the pool of pre-started Web jobs.