WAM Components

The Configure Data/Application Server page allows you to specify WAM Component related settings for your system.

Timeout (minutes)

The time in minutes that a session is kept active before it expires. If this time elapses without interaction between the user agent and the server, the session status is updated to Expired and the session data is marked as available for cleanup.

This timeout is only used for WAMs or Server Modules which have the SessionTimeout property set to 0.

The default value is 5 minutes.

Cleanup (minutes)

The time interval (in minutes) between periodic cleanups performed by the transaction monitor. The cleanup deletes session data of expired sessions. A value of 0 means no cleanup occurs.

The default value is 60 minutes.

Session Locking

Only available with a Data/Application Server running LANSA Version 11 SP5 or later.

If you Enable WAM Session Locking, you must specify a timeout value in seconds. Either choose Default timeout, which is 1 minute, or Specify the timeout in seconds.

The option is enabled by default.

Disable LXML output

Check (select) this option to prevent LXML (Data XML) being accessed from the browser URL with the URL keyword: LXML= yes. Normally Data XML is transformed and the resulting output is returned, so access to Data XML in the browser is not required.

The default is to allow access.

Disable pre-formatted output

Disable pre-formatted output. Pre-formatted output is only required if you use the Large List weblet (std_largelist). To use the std_largelist weblet, this option must be unchecked.

The option is disabled by default.

Allow WAM session files to be updatable by any user profile

Enable this option if multiple User Profiles are used to run WAMs and they need to have WAM sessions shared between them.