URLs and Files

Use this URLs and Files page of the Configure Data/Application Server page to specify the location of various files.

Images URL Prefix

Choose Automatic to allow the LANSA Web Server Extension to generate the URL Prefix to the images folder. Example from the image: http://localhost/devpgmlib/images

Choose Specify to explicitly set the URL Prefix: Example: http://localhost/images

Default is to Specify

Enter the alias name used for the location of the image files used by LANSA Web. LANSA Web expects to find all image files in a single location.

The default setting is /IMAGES. (IBM i)

The default setting is /images. (Windows and Linux)

CGI URL Prefix

Enter the alias name used for the location of the CGI files used by the Web Server software.

The default value is CGI-BIN. (IBM i)

The default value is cgi-bin. (Windows and Linux)

Authentication Library (IBM i only)

Enter the alias name for user authentication over particular processes.

Refer to Configuring LANSA Web Security in the Installing LANSA on IBM i Guide for details of this library and how it is used for user authentication.

The setting will not be reset to default.

HomePage (IBM i only)

Enter the URL to be called when the user selects the 'Home' button in LANSA functions.

File Serving

The following options are only available with a Data/Application server running LANSA Version 11 SP5 or later, and with LANSA Web Server Extension or LANSA Web Server Extension for Linux.

Allow Files to be served from Web Server

If a web page contains an include file request (for example <!--#include file="/some/file"--> and if this option is NOT enabled, any #include file requests will return an HTTP error code 404 (File Not Found).

The default value is 'N'

Serve Files from this directory

If Allow Files to be served from Web Server is enabled, you must specify where to fetch the files from. Either choose the default location: {LANSA_INSTALL_ROOT}/tmp/fetch-files or specify a location.

For security reasons, only files within the specified directory will be served.

Note that if you enable this option, you must also enable the corresponding Web Server option.

By default these options are disabled.