Miscellaneous (IBM i Web Server)

Working Library

The library for LANSA Web to create its internal files.

The default value is 'WEBWORK'. The WEBWORK library is created when you install LANSA Web.

If you have multiple LANSA systems on a single IBM i, it is strongly recommended that each of these LANSA systems is set up to have a different working library. This allows you to use the cleanup program, W3@P2200, against each individual system without disrupting the other LANSA systems on your IBM i.

Router Job Subsystem

Enter the subsystem to run the LANSA Web router jobs.

The LANSA Web router jobs are named as LWEB_SERV.

Web Job Priority

Configure the job priority of the Web jobs. New web jobs will now be assigned this job priority.

The default value is 20.

Response timeout

Response time is the given amount of time for which a primary job receives an acknowledgement from the secondary job. When the response time is reached, the primary job stops waiting for secondary job.

For a multi-tiered set up, the data application server has a response default value of 300 seconds and the web server has a response default value of 600 seconds. The response time for the web server must always be set greater to that of the data application server to allow for network traffic.

In a single tier setup, this value has a default value of 300 seconds.

A value of 0 means there is no timeout.

Other options on this tab

None of the other options are used with an IBM i web server.