File Location (IBM i Web Server)

Images URL Prefix

Enter the alias name used for the location of the image files used by LANSA Web. LANSA Web expects to find all image files in a single location.

The default setting is /IMAGES.

CGI URL Prefix

Enter alias name used for the location of the CGI files used by the Web Server software.

The default value is CGI-BIN.

Authentication Library

Enter the alias name of the library set up for user authentication.

Refer to Configuring LANSA Web Security in the Installing LANSA on IBM i Guide for details of this library and how it is used for user authentication.

The default setting is AUTHLIB.


Enter the URL to be called when the user selects the 'Home' button in LANSA functions.

By default, this parameter is left blank. If it is blank, LANSA Web will call the home page as defined in the Web Server.