Maintain LANSA Systems (LANSA Web Server Extension)

This command allows you to define multiple LANSA systems that LANSA Web Server Extension can connect to.

When you select the Maintain LANSA Systems command from the Tools menu, the Maintain LANSA Systems (local) dialog box is displayed.

The Maintain LANSA Systems (local) dialog box displays a list of LANSA systems already configured for LANSA Web.

Each entry is identified by LANSA System, LANSA Library and User ID.

Note that you can have more than one User ID defined for each LANSA System, that is, the combination MYMASTER | DEVPGMLIB | DEVELOPER is different to MYMASTER | DEVPGMLIB | PCXUSER, making it possible for the same LANSA System to be accessed by different User IDs.

Add... or Change...

When you select the Add or Change button, the relevant Add or Change LANSA System dialog box is opened. This dialog contains these Tabs: