1. Introduction to LANSA Web Functions

As a LANSA developer, you have a choice of using Web Applications Modules (WAMs) or LANSA Web Functions.

Web functions were created as an extension to the original LANSA functions that are part of the core the LANSA development environment. Web functions allow you to deploy Web applications using HTML. For an introduction to LANSA Web Functions, review the following:

1.1 What are LANSA Web Functions?

1.2 Major Features of LANSA Web Functions

1.3 LANSA Web Function Architecture

1.4 Programming Language Skills

1.5 How Do You Develop Applications with LANSA Web Functions?

1.6 LANSA Web Function Transaction Server

For an outline of the implications of using Web Functions or WAMs, refer to 1.7 WEBEVENTs or WAMs? .

Note: Since Version 9.1, LANSA Web Functions generate XHTML meeting the 1.0 standards. The XHTML 1.0 standard and HTML 4.0 standards are almost identical. LANSA Web Functions generate HTML meeting the 4.0 standards. In this guide, the term HTML will be used described to generated HTML/XHTML. For details about XHTML, refer to LANSA Web XHTML.