1.1 What are LANSA Web Functions?

A LANSA Web Function is simply a LANSA function that has been Web-enabled to allow access over the Internet. Web functions are procedural LANSA functions. They are part of a LANSA process. A Web-enabled function can be executed using a browser or using a 5250 terminal. Specialized WEBEVENT Functions are also procedural functions, but have been designed primarily for Internet access only.

By using LANSA Web Functions, you can build Web applications quickly and easily. Web Functions integrate seamlessly with the LANSA Application Development Environment (either Visual LANSA or LANSA for i). You can build graphical HTML applications using the same Repository and RDML skill set used to build your IBM i and Windows applications. In fact, a LANSA program can be deployed to the IBM i, Windows or the Web using a single RDML program definition.

LANSA Web Functions allow you to build dynamic data retrieval applications for the Web. They also allow you to deploy the applications across a number of combinations of platforms including the IBM i, Windows and Linux. Some of these platforms can be used as the Application/Data Server and/or the Web Server, which allows you to deploy your applications in a Multi-Tiered architecture.

LANSA Web Functions shield you from the technologies you have to learn to deploy Web-enabled applications. You do not need to learn code-intensive CGI or Java Servlets to build dynamic Web applications. You simply use LANSA’s repository-based 4GL environment to build your application definition. LANSA allows the developer to work at the 4GL level. LANSA will automatically generate the HTML pages for you. LANSA Web Functions hide much of the complexity from the developer.

The LANSA Web Function architecture includes a Transaction Server that can provide your user sessions with a persistent connection between their browser and your Data Server. Persistent connections are not available in the HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP), the protocol used in serving the Web.

The huge growth and demand for Internet access to businesses has prompted LANSA to extend its offering beyond the traditional application development environment. LANSA offers a set of application specific frameworks to help companies deploy their e-business solutions at an even more astounding rate. Along with LANSA’s powerful application development environment, Web developers will now benefit from Commerce Edition and the Web Functions Wizard to help accelerate Web application development.