1.4 Programming Language Skills

By using LANSA Web Functions, developers apply their existing Repository and RDML skills to build Web-based applications. Although LANSA Web Functions can use CGI, Java Servlets or ISAPI technology, there is no requirement for a developer to have any knowledge of either of these interfaces.

There are NO new RDML commands introduced by LANSA Web Functions. The only programming skill required is RDML.

The HTML generation occurs when the LANSA process/function is compiled. The generated HTML is then stored as LANSA internal tables and not as static documents, as in conventional HTML programming.

The browser-based Web Functions Wizard allows developers to quickly and easily modify the user navigation, presentation and layout of LANSA functions without editing HTML or JavaScript.

You do not need to modify any of the LANSA generated HTML. However, if you want to modify the presentation of the HTML page, knowledge of HTML is essential. You will also need to understand the LANSA tags used in the HTML.

LANSA Web Functions use a number of JavaScript functions. If you need to use additional JavaScript functions in your applications, you will require a good knowledge of JavaScript. Note: If JavaScript support is disabled in your browser, you will not be able to execute any of these JavaScript functions.