2. Developing Applications with LANSA Web Functions

LANSA's web technologies have grown with the development of web technologies and Web Functions. Web Functions, described in this guide, are no longer supported for new customers by LANSA.

Following the introduction of Web Functions, LANSA introduced WAMs (Web Application Modules) and has now released web development as an integral part of the LANSA toolkit.

The LANSA web technology is now a part of the Visual LANSA development environment. This enables you to take advantage of the LANSA Repository and to use the RDML application development language to develop both web pages and server functions. There is no need to know HTML or JavaScript to develop web based applications.

So, unless you are an existing web functions customer, we recommend that you bypass this guide.

2.1 Before You Begin Checklist

2.2 Web Enabling a LANSA Process

2.3 Types of Web Functions

2.4 Example of a Procedural Function

2.5 Example of a WEBEVENT Function

2.6 Shipped LANSA Web Function Templates

2.7 Compiling Functions

For an introduction to executing LANSA Web Function Applications, you should review the following:

2.8 Calling LANSA Web Processes and Functions

2.9 Executing Applications: Process Menu

2.10 Executing Applications: WEBEVENT

For more details about executing LANSA Web Function Applications, refer to Executing LANSA Web Function Applications.