2.2 Web Enabling a LANSA Process

A LANSA process is like a menu as it acts as the parent or container for the functions in your Web application. In order to execute your LANSA functions using the Web, the functions must be part of a Web enabled LANSA process.

Once you have created a LANSA process, you must then Web enable it. To do this:

a.Select the Process in the Repository tab.

b.Select the Definition tab.

c.Select Details in the Definition tab or select the Details tab.

d.In the Details tab, select (tick) the Enable for Web Functions option.

The Enable for the Web option allows you to generate HTML

Once these options are selected, subsequent compiles of the functions in the selected LANSA process will automatically generate the required HTML.

The generated  forms are stored in the LANSA internal tables. You can edit these forms by using the Web Function Editor.

If you have existing LANSA processes, you can simply Web enable them and then recompile the functions to generate the required forms.