2.7 Compiling Functions

If a LANSA process has the appropriate flag set, LANSA will generate the HTML pages for the functions when the functions are compiled. (Refer to 2.2 Web Enabling a LANSA Process.) The compile will also create the RPG or C/C++ program objects which provide the application programming logic on the Application/Data Server.

If for some reason, you do not want the HTML pages generated, you can deselect the Generate option before compiling the function. Note that if you do this, when a LANSA Process is compiled, there is no generation of HTML.

The LANSA Web function pages are stored in LANSA internal files. This allows for easier backup/restore and maintenance procedures. These pages cannot be accessed without going through LANSA, thus preventing unauthorized editing. You can access these pages by using the Web Function Editor.

When compiling WEBEVENT functions, warning messages may appear as the function logic is checked to ensure that it will execute properly as a WEBEVENT function. For more details, refer to Considerations for WEBEVENT Functions.


WEB001 - Types of LANSA Web Functions