2.9 Executing Applications: Process Menu

When executing a LANSA process using LANSA, the application has a frameset look and feel. The frameset style divides the working area of the browser into two areas - the Menu area and the Client (body) area.

You can choose to have the frameset style persistent by selecting the “Always show frames for CUA/SAA style processes” option in the LANSA Web Administrator.

Once a LANSA process has been called, the user can execute any of the functions listed in the menu. These functions cannot be WEBEVENT functions. These functions should only be procedural functions. Procedural functions have their state managed by the LANSA Web Transaction Server and the user cannot use the browser’s Back button.

If the frameset style is not persistent selecting a menu item which calls a LANSA function will refresh the display of your browser. The menu frameset will not be displayed while the browser is displaying a LANSA function.

If you were to call the procedural function directly, it would appear exactly as shown when called from a process menu.

LANSA Web functions have been designed to allow all the generated HTML pages to have a consistent look and feel. By default, all HTML pages generated will have the same Menu Area background for all LANSA processes and the same Client Area background for all LANSA functions. Each LANSA function will have the same set of images displayed in the same positions in each of their respective HTML pages. The same set of images is displayed at the top (standard header) and the bottom (standard footer) of the HTML pages.

LANSA Web functions have a default set of image settings to be used with your pages. You can override these defaults if you wish, or you can specify additional settings which will be used by your LANSA Web functions.

For details about how to call a LANSA process, refer to 2.8 Calling LANSA Web Processes and Functions.


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