2.10 Executing Applications: WEBEVENT

WEBEVENT functions must always be called directly. They cannot be called from a LANSA process menu.

When executing a LANSA function directly using LANSA, the application does not use a frameset.

When a user invokes a LANSA function, it will refresh the display of your browser. Its presentation is based on the layout of the function.

LANSA Web functions have been designed to allow all the generated HTML pages to have a consistent look and feel. Each LANSA function will have the same set of images displayed in the same positions in each of their respective HTML pages. The same set of images is displayed at the top (standard header) and the bottom (standard footer) of the HTML pages. However, the default user buttons for navigation in procedural functions will not be displayed. The user navigation is controlled by developer defined buttons or links in the function.

For details about how to call a LANSA function directly, refer to 2.8 Calling LANSA Web Processes and Functions.


WEB001 - Types of LANSA Web Functions