4.7 WEBEVENT Routing

There are several techniques which can be used to link your WEBEVENT functions:


Navigation from one WEBEVENT function to another can be controlled by keywords in the USER_KEYS parameter of the DISPLAY/REQUEST command. Each description of the user key is a keyword that is used to link one LANSA function to another. Each of these user keys will be displayed as a button. When the user selects a button, the linked function will be called. The keywords and their linked functions are set up using the Web Function Editor. For more details, refer to 4.8 WEBEVENT Keywords.

2. Web Link Web Components   

Web link components are only used with WEBEVENT functions. You can use Web link components to link to other functions, instead of using Keywords.

Web link components also allow you to display the links as images instead of buttons. These components allow you to dynamically change the links as well as the presentation of the links, without having to recompile your WEBEVENT functions. For more details, refer to Web Link.

3.  Standard HTML Links   

If you wish to link to another function but do not want to pass any information to the next function, you may use a standard hypertext link.

4.  JavaScript   

Using the HandleEvent function in the default JavaScript used by LANSA Web functions, you can control the navigation between WEBEVENT functions.