5.4 Versioning of Pages

When a Web enabled LANSA function is compiled, the HTML pages for the function are stored in a LANSA internal file. The pages in this file can be edited using the Windows-based Web Function Editor. (Since the pages are stored on the Data/Application Server, the Editor executes as a client/server application.)

When you manually edit the HTML, you now have a version of the HTML which does not match the original version that was generated by LANSA.

LANSA allows you to save the previous versions of your pages. The LANSA Web Administrator allows you to define whether or not you want to save the previous versions of the generated page. It also allows you to specify the number of sets you want to save. Up to 10 versions can be saved. When you open an HTML page, the Web Function Editor allows you to specify the version of page to be accessed.

Each time a Web function is (re)compiled and HTML generation is selected, LANSA generates a new version of the pages for each screen. Any manual changes you have made can then be copied from the previous version back into the current version. For example, when a Web function is first compiled, the page will be version 0. Now you edit this page. It is still version 0. When the Web function is recompiled, version 0 would become version 1 and the newly compiled version becomes version 0. The most recent or current version is always version 0. The higher the number the older the version. So version 0 = current version, version 1 = previous version, version 2 = (previous - 1) version, etc.

When LANSA generates the HTML for a particular Web function, it does not check to see if the current page (if any) has been modified. The backup feature must be enabled to prevent LANSA from overwriting the manually edited version of the page when the recompile is performed. If the backup feature is enabled, LANSA will save the current page before generating a new page for the Web function being compiled.

Note: You can only save changes to version 0. You may open any version of a page, but you can only save the page as version 0. For example, if you open version 3 of the page and make changes, it cannot be resaved as version 3. It can only be saved as version 0. This rule ensures that your previous versions are not corrupted.

For more details, refer to Save As features.


WEB004 - LANSA Generated HTML Pages