5.5 Comparing Versions

The Web Function Editor provides a special compare and contrast feature for comparing versions of your pages. You can open an HTML page and then select another version of the page to compare with the opened page. The Editor will highlight the differences in the pages as you scroll through the documents.

You can configure the colors used to identify the inserted and deleted records in the documents. The HTML which was inserted is shown in one color, followed by the HTML, (if any), which was deleted shown in another color. For example, when a new line of HTML is simply inserted, it will be shown as an inserted line. When a line of HTML is changed, it will show the new inserted line and the old original line of HTML (deleted) which was changed.

The Editor supports both horizontal and vertical split screens when comparing pages .You can specify synchronized scrolling so that the two documents scroll at the same time.

The compare and contrast features are useful in cases where you have modified the page of a function and then recompiled the function. Using compare and contrast, you can quickly identify your modifications and reapply them to the latest version of the function. You could either open the most recent version and compare the changes from the earlier version, or you could open the earlier version and compare the changes from the most recent generation.

For more details, refer to Web Function Editor Compare feature.