6.4 Customizing Process Specific Pages

LANSA Web functions allow you to customize any of the default pages to be process specific. Whenever LANSA encounters a request to use a default page, it will search for a process specific version of the page. If the process specific page is found, it will automatically be used. If it cannot find a process specific page, it will then use the default page.

To create a process specific page, use the following naming convention:

      <process name>_<page identifier>

where <process name> is the name of the LANSA process and <page identifier> is the name of the ‘default’ page you want to customize for the process.

For example, if you want to customize a process specific Script page for the MYPROC process, you would create a page named MYPROC_SCRIPT.

From time to time, LANSA may amend the default pages, either during an upgrade or via an EPC (Expedited Program Change).
If such a change occurs, you must ensure that this change is reflected in all process specific pages that you have created.


Examples of shipped DEFAULT pages which can be customized:

DEFAULT_CONTENT       Default Process Content 

DEFAULT_FRAMESET      Default Frameset 

DEFAULT_HIDDEN        Default Hidden fields 

DEFAULT_INDEX         Default Process Menu page 

DEFAULT_LAYOUT        Default Layout 

DEFAULT_SCRIPT        Default Script Page 


If a process is called MYPROC, the process specific default pages would be created as:

MYPROC_CONTENT       Default Process Content 

MYPROC_FRAMESET      Default Frameset 

MYPROC_HIDDEN        Default Hidden fields 

MYPROC_INDEX         Default Process Menu page 

MYPROC_LAYOUT        Default Layout 

MYPROC_SCRIPT        Default Script Page 


If you want to append additional lines to the default page for a specific process, you can do this by using the <RDML PAGE> tag. For more details, refer to <RDML PAGE>.

Caution: When exporting a web enabled function, process pages with the above naming convention for the associated process are also exported. For example, a function in process MYPROC when exported will export all HTML pages for the function and all HTML pages starting with the characters 'MYPROC_'. Therefore, ensure that you do not create HTML pages that follow this naming convention that conflict with the name of a process.


All process specific pages are automatically exported with the LANSA process definition. These pages do not have to be registered as Web components.



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