6.1 What are Default Process Pages?

LANSA Web functions use a number of default HTML pages to define the default structure of the generated HTML pages. The default pages are prefixed with "DEFAULT_".

For example, the JavaScripts used in LANSA Web functions are stored in a page named DEFAULT_SCRIPT. LANSA processes use two default HTML pages, DEFAULT_INDEX and DEFAULT_CONTENT to create the process menu and area content.

Whenever LANSA encounters a request to use a default page, it will search for a process specific version of the page. If a process specific page is not found, the default is used. This feature makes LANSA Web functions very flexible. For example, you can define the default presentation of your process menus by editing DEFAULT_INDEX and DEFAULT_CONTENT. If you create a process specific version of the INDEX and/or CONTENT page, LANSA will substitute these automatically without any HTML editing or RDML recompiling by the developer. For more details, refer to 6.4 Customizing Process Specific Pages.

The default pages are partition specific. You can create your own user defined default pages. Refer to 6.2 Shipped Default Pages and the installation guide for your platform for more details about the shipped default pages.