6.5 User Defined Default Pages

LANSA Web functions provides you with facilities to exploit the functionality of the default pages. This allows you to create your own user defined default pages that may have process specific versions for certain LANSA processes.

To use this facility, the syntax of the default page is:

   DEFAULT_UD<page name>

where <page name> is the name you have assigned to the page. The process specific page will then adopt the naming convention of:

   <process name>_UD<page name>

where <process name> is the name of the LANSA process.

For example, if you are using cookies in your LANSA Web function applications, you might create a page named:


To define cookies for the MYPROC process, you would create a page named:


You can access this user defined page by using the <RDML MERGE> tag with the special Reserved Words as follows:


For more details of this example, refer to <RDML COOKIES>.